Salsa Song: Victor Manuelle’s “Ando Por Las Nubes”

"Ando por las Nubes" Victor Manuelle 2nd Salsa single.
“Ando por las Nubes” is Salsa music icon Victor Manuelle’s 2nd single of his upcoming album.

“Ando por las Nubes” is the 2nd single of the soon to be released Salsa album from Salsa icon Victor Manuelle.

A nice Salsa song which starts with a bit of fusion of pop and Salsa, the soft start, starts picking up steam through the 2nd verse, and by the 3rd and 4th verses the song goes into full Salsa music swing.

The song keeps the line of Victor Manuelle’s Salsa Romantica, but musically, this song is more entrenched in the pop-Salsa formula than in some of his previous recordings where he kept a slightly more traditional approach to Salsa Romantica.

The pop-Salsa style of this song reminds me of styles popularized by Marc Anthony and Luis Enrique.

Here it is…enjoy!

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