Bomba Travels with “Hijos de Agueybana”


In case you’re asking, Puerto Rican “bomba” is doing fine, thank you! The group “Hijos de Agueybana“, a bomba music and dance group, is visiting Seattle spreading the good vibes to Puerto Ricans, Latinos, and the general public in the Pacific Northwest.

As it was explained in an article in Puerto Rico’s “El Nuevo Dia” newspaper, these presentations of “Hijos de Agueybana” are part of the Social Studies curriculum for the 5th grade of the Puesta del Sol elementary school in Bellevue. This curriculum is focused on the study of the colonization of North America.

It’s great that there are programs like this in the Seattle schools. I believe these programs should be an example followed by all schools in North America. In Puerto Rico this should be emulated, since we are lacking fundamental knowledge of our own musical history.

Hijos de Agueybana album “Agua del Sol”

“Agua del Sol” is the CD of Puerto Rican bomba ensemble “Hijos de Aguey

The “Hijos de Agueybana” have also made their mark by releasing the album “Agua del Sol”. The album obviously highlights Puerto Rican bomba. “Agua del Sol” has 12 songs (the 13th is a 2nd version of “Te Invito” in a jazz version).

Salsa and Latin music icon Andy Montañez is a special guest in the album in the title song “Agua del Sol”. It’s great to see Andy continue to support Puerto Rican folk groups like “Hijos de Agueybana” and “Atabal”. These groups promote Bomba and Plena respectively.

If you are in the Pacific Northwest I encourage you to check out the “Hijos of Agueybana” and their very entertaining and educational performance. The great thing is that this is a performance for the whole family.

If you’re not in the area, you can always get their album “Agua de Sol”.

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