Victor Manuelle “Busco Un Pueblo” CD Review


“Busco un Pueblo” is Puerto Rican “sonero” Victor Manuelle’s 14th studio recording. It was released in January 2012.

“Busco Un Pueblo” brings the same formula of “Salsa Romantica” with good swing, which has worked well for Victor Manuelle.

“Si Tu Me Besas” was his 20th #1 hit in Billboard’s Latin Music Charts. It also made the Top Latin Songs (2), and Latin Tropical Airplay (18). “Busco Un Pueblo” was produced by Victor Manuelle for his own label Kiyavi Records, while it’s distributed by Sony Music.

What I Liked About “Busco Un Pueblo”

Victor Manuelle collaborated with Voltio and Joel y Randy
“Ella lo que Quiere es Salsa” became another hit in “Busco un Pueblo”.

The song lyrics in “Busco un Pueblo” are of excellent quality. “Llegaste Tu”, “Si Tu Me Besas”, “Como Le Digo al Alma”, “Termina en un Beso” are great romantic songs. “Ella Lo Que Quiere es Salsa” is a catchy tune. It features a collaboration with “regeattonero” Julio Voltio, Jowell & Randy.

The music sound is superb. Victor Manuelle employed great musicians (Jan DuClerc, Luisito Quintero, Luis Marin, and Tito de Gracia among others. The coros had great guests like Gilberto Santa Rosa, Luisito Carrion, Domingo Quiñones, Cano Estremera, Jose L. “Chegui” Ramos, and Josue Rosado, among others. This talks of Victor Manuelle’s commitment to this Latin music project.

Victor Manuelle’s execution is excellent, demonstrating his good voice. Additionally he provides creative “soneos” that make perfect sense with the song message.

The Deluxe Version Deluxe includes 4 ballads, which are versions of the Salsa songs in the album. In “Llegaste Tu” he makes a duet with Christian music emerging talent Marcos Yaroide.

Suggestions to Victor Manuelle About “Busco Un Pueblo”

Baladas: the addition of ballad versions of 4 of the songs in the album makes good commercial sense. This widens the prospective audience and diffusion of the recording. However, Victor Manuelle is not a very prolific ballad signer.

Victor Manuelle on Busco un Pueblo
“Busco Un Pueblo” is another hit Salsa Romantica album for Victor Manuelle.

The addition of an electric guitar in “Llegaste Tu” (ballad version) seems completely out of place and doesn’t fit well with the mood of the song.

“Busco Un Pueblo” Recommendation

“Busco un Pueblo” is a good album that will please Victor Manuelle fans as it follows the formula of his previous albums. His signature style of “Salsa Romantica” with swing continues to touch the good side of Salsa music lovers.

It’s a well produced album which incorporates quality songs, quality musicians, and quality arrangements. And of course, it has Victor Manuelle’s on-top execution in the vocals.

Overall, I believe “Busco un Pueblo” is a good salsa album despites its below-par sound quality.

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