Christian Latin Music on the Rise?


Christian Latin music (I guess what is considered gospel music in English) seems to be on the rise, although I don’t have data to back it up.

Recently new Christian music artists seem to be gaining popularity. Luis Quintero and Tercer Cielo are Latin acts gaining lots of views in YouTube.

Ismael Miranda's Christian Latin music CD "Aferrado a Ti"
Ismael Miranda’s Christian Latin music CD “Aferrado a Ti”

Veteran artists are also into it, with recent releases by Salsa veteran Ismael Miranda (“Aferrado a Ti”) and Dominican icon Juan Luis Guerra (“Coleccion Cristiana”) releasing new Christian Latin music CDs.

I believe the apparent surge is due to more focus on love and positive social messages than to praising the Lord. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with praising the Lord through songs, but these praise songs seem more “alleluia” songs which have a narrower fan base.

Love and positive messages seem to be a welcome relief to the harsh rap and regeaton lyrics that sometimes poison the airwaves, to the point of needing sensorship.

Certainly the Christian Latin music of Luis Quintero and of Tercer Cielo is beautiful to listen. Juan Luis Guerra is moving up in the charts with his new Christian single “En el Cielo No Hay Hospital”, and although I haven’t listened to Ismael Miranda’s latest album “Aferrado a Ti”, I’ve read good reviews about it.

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This is a good week to take a chance with Christian Latin music, and you can even sample it by doing some searches in YouTube.


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