Bobby Sanabria’s “Tito Puente Masterworks Live” Review


“Tito Puente Masterworks Live” is Bobby Sanabria’s 5th album, and the maestro did not shy away from a huge, hairy, audacious challenge with this one.

Tito Puente Masterworks Live cover art
“Tito Puente Masterworks Live” is an excellent album that captures some of the best of Tito’s work in Latin Jazz.

Putting together an album of Tito Puente masterworks is a big endeavor. Then recording it “Live” with a bunch of young musicians from the Manhattan School of Music Afro Cuban Jazz Orchestra stretches the definition of “daring”, or perhaps of “confidence”.

Inside this video review of Bobby Sanabria’s “Tito Puente Masterworks Live”, I touch on some of the facts about this recording. I then dive into “What I Like…” and “What I Don’t Like…” about this Latin Jazz album released under the Jazzheads label.

At the end I conclude by providing you my recommendation, always doing so from a music fan perspective. The video is about 10 minutes long, and for some reason I said this album was released in 2010 when it actually was just released in March 2011.

I hope you enjoy this review and find it useful! Leave your comments either way!

Saludos, and enjoy the video review below:

  1. Tomas Pena says

    Good analysis of Tito Puente Masterworks Live! I am including the recording on my list of Noteworthy Recordings of 2011 and your review was helpful. Thank you.

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