Jennifer Lopez is 2011 Latin Music Super-Mother


Jennifer Lopez has managed to keep busy with her role as a judge in American Idol, being voted the World’s Most Beautiful Woman by People’s Magazine, and the release this month of her latest music album “Love?”.

Yet, I voted Jennifer Lopez the Latin Music Super Mother of 2011. This is because of the news that in top of all of what I mentioned before, there is the news that she is planning a new Latin music talent TV show. I think this is great news for those new Latin musicians and for Latin music.

Jennifer Lopez “Que Viva” Will Provide Exposure to Talented Latinos

For new / young musicians, one of the hardest things in their careers is to get their music heard by the right people. The right people means anyone that can help that artist make it to the mainstream audience. It could be someone with influence in a record label, or in a TV show, or radio show, etc. If your music is good, and it gets out to the public, it may stick. The goodness will spread via more shows and presentations, which means much more word-of-mouth….and so goes the snowball effect. Now if people don’t like your music, it all ends there.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

These days, technology has come in to democratize a bit more the entry of an artist’s material into mainstream. However, that may take a bit longer if you are not lucky enough to go widely viral in YouTube, or something like that.

Jennifer Lopez’s show for Latino artists, which apparently will be named “Que Viva”, will go into different places of Latin America looking for the best new talent. With Jennifer’s attraction power, and the Latino population eagerness for music and drama, this show should be a big hit, providing great exposure to artists who will become the next Latino music super stars, and increasing the J-Lo/Marc Anthony net value by another several million dollars.

Jennifer Lopez Striking While Iron is Hot with “Que Viva”

J-Lo is making this move at the right time, while the iron is still hot on these kind of TV reality shows. She’s teaming with American Idol executive producer Simon Fuller to come up with a new type of concept that will not just be American Idol for Latinos, but rather come with a new concept for the show.

I’m happy for the attention this will bring to Latinos and Latin music. I’m glad that Jennifer Lopez is using her fame and leverage to help new Latino artists, and that a new door will be open for them to find fame and fortune. I’m aware that now all Latin artists will be playing Latin music. J-Lo tends to be one of those.

Still, any thing that can help Latino’s get their music exposed is a good thing! I have my hopes high for “Que Viva”! Good for J-Lo…I wish her luck with her newly released album “Love?”, and to her and all mothers out there…Happy Mother’s Day!

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