“Daria Mi Vida Por Ella” Brings Out Nationalism in Christmas


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If you haven’t watched the new video “Daría Mi Vida Por Ella” (I would give my life for her), then I highly recommend you check it out, below.

Daría Mi Vida Por Ella” features Puerto Rican Salsa music stars Cheo Feliciano, Ismael Miranda, Andy Montañez, Gilberto Santa Rosa, and Victor Manuelle. Additionally, the video also features Puerto Rican music star Danny Rivera and Puerto Rican folk music singers Antonio Cabán Vale “El Topo”, and Andrés “El Jíbaro” Jimenez. The song and video were produced by Victor Manuelle.

The only instrumentalists featured in the video are Modesto Nieves on the “cuatro” guitar and the maestro Luis “Perico” Ortiz on the trumpet.

Danny Rivera and Victor Manuelle in Daría Mi Vida Por Ella.
Danny Rivera and Victor Manuelle in the recording of “Daría Mi Vida por Ella”.

This is a beautiful song that talks about how much love Puerto Ricans have for their island. The song proclaims that Puerto Ricans are so proud of their island, that they would give their life for it. The video is of excellent quality and professionally shot in a recording studio. The studio was carefully decorated with Puerto Rican flags and art crafts.

Puerto Rico folk music traditionally comes out during the Christmas season on the island. In my blog “Thanksgiving, Plena, and Christmas“, I mentioned how “Plena“, among other folkloric Puerto Rican rhythms, is frequently used for Christmas songs.  The song uses some folk rhythms of “décima” combined with a Salsa music swing in a beautiful musical arrangement which I guess was made by Luis “Perico” Ortiz. The song highlights the Puerto Rican “cuatro” guitar, the national instrument.

Puerto Rican folk music and nationalism go hand-in-hand. When you consider that Puerto Rican folk music comes out mostly during Christmas, it means this song was released at the perfect time for the holidays. It’s a nationalistic song coming out at the most nationalistic time of the year. Victor Manuelle’s guest choices of “El Topo”, “El Jibaro”, and Danny could not have been better. He combined them with his salsa music friends, which make a constellation of stars known around the world.

The final product of “Daría Mi Vida Por Ella” is a beautiful song, well-executed, captured in a high-quality professional video. It will likely become the hit song for this Christmas season.


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  1. Giovanna costa says

    Esto es muy lindo. Espero que hagan mas videos de nuestra tierra muy querida. Donde podemos comprar el CD or DVD

    1. Hector Aviles says

      Hola Giovanna,
      La cancion la venden en sitios como iTunes y Zune Marketplace en formato MP3. No si si el video este disponible para venta.



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